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We are the most specialised company in the market dedicated to selling toilet seats online. We have been in the bathroom market for more than 45 years. We have a wide range of brands and models, both original and adaptable, and if we do not have them, we can also manufacture them to measure as if they were a suit. We cover all sectors, from children's toilet seats to those for limited mobility. All manufactured with quality materials, environmentally friendly and resistant to continuous use. We are able to satisfy the most demanding requirements that may arise in hotels, gyms, schools, residences, homes, hospitals, offices and/or corporate buildings, etc.

Our toilet seat cover factories: The best brands

We are wholesalers and we work with all the leading manufacturers on the market: Gala, Roca, Jacob Delafon, Ideal Standard, Duravit, Catalano, Galassia, Noken, Villeroy & Boch, Nic, Bellavista, Sanindusa, Fossil Natura, Olympia, Sangrá, Selles, are just an example of what we can offer. On our website you will be able to find all the brands on the market, both national and international, as we are present all over the world.

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Exclusive wholesale discounts

We offer special discounts for professionals. Ask us about our conditions for quantities and the possibility of made-to-measure models.

Wholesale of Toilets, Bidets and Bathrooms

As an added value to our company, we bring to your attention our specialisation in shower toilets.


The evolution and demand of the market has led us to offer this type of product, which is increasingly in demand.


We work with renowned firms such as: Toto, Duravit, Gala, Geberit, Grohe and Tece. We offer exhaustive technical advice to our customers. From the experts in the field, you will obtain all the necessary information, as well as quotes for projects that may arise, or specific quotations where all the necessary elements for a successful installation will always be taken into account. Of course, our range of products is adapted to the needs, the taste and the budget of each customer.


Our brands combine technology and comfort, benefits that come together to provide personal intimate hygiene with a higher degree of satisfaction.  No less important is the current, favourable, modern and pleasent to the eye appearance that we obtain by installing the product in such a particular and private space as our bathroom, without forgetting that, on many occasions, other people enter into it.


The fact of experiencing very significant changes at important moments. Complex and dynamic changes in a highly competitive environment and surviving in the same sector for so many years, guarantee our commitment, experience and professionalism.

Obviously, we are also able to supply with all the product mentioned here, the whole family for the bathroom such as the bidet, shower tray, washbasin, shower screen, accessories, furniture, flooring, cladding, taps, normal and magnifying mirrors, in other words, all those additional elements that make up and equip the bathroom.

Sale of WATER ECONOMISERS in Shower, Washbasin, Toilet and Kitchen taps

A further step that will certainly not deceive the hotel, school, nursing home or corporate building sector are the NEOPERL water economisers, a leading and world-renowned Brand, that allows a constant saving of this precious and increasingly scarce resource: water. Our jet breakers, economisers or filters, regulate their flow and adapt to all the regulations and required seal specifications in new and not so new buildings, where saving water is essential from this day onwards.

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