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List of products by brand GALA

For more than 50 years, Gala has been offering excellent solutions for the bathroom, among which its Toilet Seats stand out, with a personal and differentiating style. The company has based its progress on the principles of quality, design and productivity.

Innovation and sustainability are the characteristic elements in the constant growth that Gala has maintained since its foundation, quadrupling the initial production. The aim is to offer products that exceed the expectations of professionals and that, in addition, meet the needs of consumers in the best possible way. Gala is a different and differentiating brand. 

The design of its products is in line with the expression of current values and lifestyles such as respect for the environment, without neglecting aesthetics. Gala is made up of a team of people committed to customer service, constant innovation and working permanently with the aim of providing the market with the highest degree of excellence in its products, among which its Toilet Seats stand out.

At the Burgos headquarters, with a surface area of 250,000 m2, the production, commercial, marketing, quality and R&D activities are concentrated. It has always been one of the first companies to obtain the various certifications and approvals that guarantee its commitment to quality.

Straight from Gala, the original, discontinued Toilet Seat which can be found in white and, with some exceptions, in pergamon, such as the toilet seat covers: Gala 2000, Diana, Aurea, Bacara, Nostalgia, Marina horizontal and vertical, Arq, Universal Jazz, Loa, Metropol, Street. Elia, Stylo, Duna, Nexo Klea.

Also available at www.tapadelwater.comare the original contemporary Gala Toilet Seat, such as: Noble, Eos, Coral, Emma Square, Emma, Mid, Smart, Street square, Aris, Elia, Baby wc and Blue.

Regarding the adaptable Toilet Seats of many of its collections, some are no longer supplied by Gala and others correspond to current collections, but they adapt perfectly to the corresponding toilet bowls and with a wide range of colours, we find the covers: Acuatonda, Arq, Aurea, Baby wc, Bacara, Diana, Elia, Emma, Emma Square, Espacio, Florida, Gala 2000, Jazz, Loa, Marina Horizontal, Marina Vertical, Metropol, Nila, Noble, Nostalgia, Novo Espacio, Regia, Sirio, Smart, Street, Street Square, Top and Universal.

Gala is currently a company present in the five continents with special incidence in Europe. The original and adaptable Gala toilet seat covers purchased at reach very different markets, from Hong Kong to Canada, Chile or Australia, where they are appreciated for their quality and design. 

Gala offers solutions for your bathroom with a personal style, based on quality, design and environmentally friendly production. Among its products we highlight the Toilet Seats

Thanks to the collaboration of prestigious designers, they have achieved that their products have harmonious, elegant shapes with personality.

On our website you will find a wide variety of models of Toilet Seats,  both original and adaptable.

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