This section serves to help resolve all the doubts and questions that may arise.

What can I do if I don't know the model of my lid?
You can send us two photographs of the complete toilet, from above and from the sides, to WhatsApp (+34 630 23 86 90) or to the mail (info@tapadelwater.com). We will tell you what cover it is exactly.
What do you mean when it is a "wrap-around" lid?
When a cap is enveloping, it means that the cap covers the ring completely.
What are adaptable caps?
Like a tailor. Everything is personalized. Each model is manufactured according to a unique procedure in shape, size and color to perfectly suit your toilet. That is why we can provide you with WC covers like the original and decorated ones, fully adapted to your toilet model.
What kind of quality do we offer?
Our toilet seats are made of high-density MDF wood. The lining is double heat-sealed PVC, which ensures watertightness and durability. It can also be finished with a lacquered color on request (ask for price) and thus obtain toilet covers decorated to taste. We use stainless steel fittings that adapt to the measurements of the toilet seat provided by the manufacturer.
If we have not been able to identify your model, how to make a template?
1. Make the TOILET template, not the seat. 2. Use a support (paper, cardboard, ...) large enough to include the entire perimeter of the toilet. 3. Place the bracket on top of the toilet without a lid and trace the perimeter around the bottom of the toilet with a marker. 4. Without removing the toilet support, mark the holes in the hardware. 5. Send it by post to Passeig Maragall 13, Local Mio interiors, 08026 Barcelona.
How do shipments and deliveries work?
Packages are generally dispatched within 24 hours of departure from the manufacturer. Whichever shipping method is selected, we will present as soon as possible a link that allows you to track the shipment of your package online. Shipping costs include packaging, handling and shipping. They can contain a fixed and a variable part based on the price or weight of your request. We recommend that you consolidate your purchases in a single command. We cannot group two different orders and you have to pay shipping costs for each one. Your package is shipped at your own risk, special attention is paid to parcels containing fragile objects. The packages are oversized and protected.


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