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List of products by brand NOKEN / PORCELANOSA

Noken-Porcelanosa Bathrooms is the company specialised in bathroom equipment from the Porcelanosa Group. The firm stands out for offering maximum technology and exclusivity to all its bathroom pieces. Its efforts in design, quality, commitment to sustainability, as well as the excellent service offered to its customers, place Noken at the top of the business rankings in the sector, exporting its bathroom products to more than 110 countries.

Production, understanding each element from the origin is another of its maxims. Pieces made with the utmost care and dedication that are reminiscent of craftsmanship despite the firm's large manufacturing and distribution volumes. 

Design and usability to improve people's daily lives. Passion for design. Noken takes maximum care of uniqueness in every detail. The aim is to offer a cutting-edge product that makes people's lives easier.

Noken/Porcelanosa also conveys its ingenuity and quality to its toilet seats. Therefore, buying the original Noken/ Porcelanosa toilet seat is synonymous with success. We can identify your Noken/ Porcelanosa model if you are in doubt, one of the most demanded toilet seats are the Forma cover or the Essence-SC models.

At we have all the Toilet Seats available. If you can't find yours, we will help you to identify it quickly and efficiently. We are experts in original and made-to-measure Toilet Seats and we also have a wide range of compatible toilet seats.

Enter our section of adaptable toilet seats, where you will find a wide variety of models.  At you can find your Noken/Porcelanosa toilet seat ready to install. As for example the models: Urban, Milan, Metric or Itaca.

Noken / Porcelanosa is known for offering technology and exclusivity in all its pieces. It stands out for its design, quality and commitment to the environment. These characteristics place the company among the most important in the sector and allows it to export its products to more than 110 countries.

Noken toilet seats are synonymous with quality and uniqueness. In you can find all the models, if you cannot find yours, we will help you to identify it. Our speciality are the toilet seats, both original and adaptable, on our website you will find a wide variety of models, among others: Urban, Milan, Essence-SC or Itaca.

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