Toilet Seat Gala Elia Original

Reference 100-G5138201
Clasp Type

Toilet Seat Gala Elia original Ref: G5137001

Measures of the Gala Elia Toilet seat

A - Width: 36 cm

B - Long: 42,5 cm

C - Distance between the bolts: 16 cm


- Cover 

- Seat 

- Fixings 

- Assembly instructions

*Soft or normal close 

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Toilet Seat Gala Elia original Ref: G5137001

Available materials:

- Polypropylene - Standard all-purpose thermoplastic with well-balanced properties, excellent chemical resistance, low water absorption and good insulation properties. It is considered to be the most environmentally friendly plastic.

- Urea - thermosetting plastic, tensile and heat resistant. Moisture resistant and antibacterial, easy to clean and aesthetically attractive thanks to its glossy surface finish.


Material Urea
C Distance between the bolts in cm 16
B Hole to point measurement in cm 42,5
A Wide area measure in cm 35
Type of Toilet Seat Original
Shape Shape 05
Type of Anchoring Lower
Model Elia
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