Who we are


TAPADELWATER.COM the online store was initially created by Eumesa, distributor of all kinds of products for the bathroom and kitchen. The company was founded in 1970 by Mr. Alejandro Brun.


The idea came from Sandra Brun, his daughter, who, from Eumesa, created the company MIO INTERIORS with that excitement and eagerness to reach all those people who don't know where they can buy a toilet seat whose manufacturers no longer produce it. To let them know that that seat they thought they were not going to find exists!.


The development of the market demand has led us to the specialization in this product.


Therefore, we wanted to present along with the creative and innovative knowledge of our pioneering computer expert Antonio Guzman, a basic simple store, easy to use and quick understanding.


The brands are listed in alphabetical order, giving customers the option, if doubt arises at the time of choosing the right model, (which sometimes happens), to be able to send a picture that our experts in the field identify immediatly.


We don't provide just models that are no longer available from the original brand, but also current articles from all brands that exist in the market, funny, different, custom wc seats, in different colours and materials.


Considering the costs involved in compleatly replacing a toilet and considering that at the present time saving is a priority, changing only the toilet seat is a good alternative. We are not aware of how a small change, at minimal cost in many cases, can provide a much more positive and pleasing presence to the eye in such an intimate and private space as it is our bathroom.

Eumesa has been for 42 years present in a market that has experienced significant, complex and dynamic changes in a highly competitive environment, So we guarantee our reliability, experience and professionalism.


TAPADELWATER.COM is a further step safe, and will not disappoint the person who deposited their trust in us.


Our sincere thanks to everyone who is reading this and take part in our project. Without your help, without your opinions, without criticism and wise counsel, all this would not have been possible. Because the path of specialization, of constant improvement, is shown by you; no doubt our best teachers. 


Passeig Maragall, 13
08026 Barcelona